Associate Professor
E-business and e-markets, web services, web semantics, social networking and collective intelligence; distributed systems, secure coding. 

Associate Professor
Decision support systems, strategic planning, decision making under uncertainty, decision-theoretic methods in intelligent

Policy and industry implications of new technologies, spectrum trading, technical standards and their impact on industry.

Associate Professor
Connectionist systems; neural information processing; image processing; modeling and simulation; visualization;genetic algorithms/artificial life.

Associate Professor
Advanced access control, distributed and multimedia systems security, systems and network survivability, IPv6 and mobile security.


Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • The PhD program in Information Technology at the Siam University offers a curriculum with multidisciplinary emphases in information technology. The program integrates the theory and practice of applied computing, information systems, Internet technologies, and the advances in telecommunications and management of information technology. This is a research degree with a strong emphasis on the production of a dissertation leading to the publication of at least one paper in a research journal. The vision of the doctoral program in Information Technology is to combine the disciplines of computer science, business, information systems, software engineering, and telecommunications to develop technology specialists who are uniquely positioned to advance research and practice in contemporary technologies.

  • Graduates from the PhD in Information Technology program will have:
    - Highly developed research skills relevant to the tasks of problem solving and discovering new knowledge in the field of information technology;
    - Advanced comprehensive knowledge and understandings of the key issues relating to the efficient, effective and strategic use of information
    technologies in organizations;

Selection Method
The Graduate Studies Committee will accept students for admission based on the following criteria:

  • An interview in English proficiency.
  • Analytical ability in the field of Information Technology
  • Graduate record
  • Items Required for Applications
    - Completed University application forms and identification.
    - Two copies of graduate transcripts or evidence of equivalent work.
    - Two letters of Reference.
    - Three 2-inch full front facial pictures while not wearing glasses or a hat.
    - Photo taken within 6 months of application date.
    - Two copies of applicant’s national identity card.
  • Final acceptance will be the decision of the Graduate Studies Committee, Siam University.

Structure of Study Plans
Plan A : Complete at least 69 credits 0f dissertation
Plan B : Complete at least 69 credits 0f coursework and dissertation

English is used in the instruction.

Duration of Study
• The PhD in Information Technology program is a 3 years program. Each student must complete all the requirements for the degree with 6 years
from the semester of first enrollment.
• The academic year consists of two semesters per years, each consisting of no less than 15 weeks.